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Trump Cards Game (Division)


Card game with division and halving.

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2 pages
18 play cards

This set of trump cards with division and halving sums consists of 18 play cards that need to be cut out. Laminate optional. This is a card game where the player with the highest stat wins all the others’ losing cards until there is only one player standing.

* Shuffle and deal all the cards face down.
* Players pick up their cards and may only look at the first card.
* Player 1 (left of the dealer) chooses the highest stat on his card and read it out loud, for example “Cute: 72”.
* The other players see if they can beat that stat.
* The player with the highest stat wins all the other players’ losing cards and add thems to the base of his pile.
* The winner of that round may start the next round.
* If there is a tie, all the cards in play must be put aside. The same person reads a new stat. Whoever wins that round, also win that pile of cards.
* The player who ends up with all the cards, is the winner.

The plus, minus, multiplication and division trump cards (all sold seperately) may be used together.